Expedite Your Passport

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If you need to obtain a passport right away, then you can expedite your passport application. The fee to do this is an additional $60. View the table below to see when it is a good time to use the expedited service.

When? Why? Service How?
Right now I have a life or death emergency Expedited Review their Life and Death Emergencies page
Less than 2-3 weeks I'm traveling within 2 weeks or need a foreign visa within 4 weeks Expedited Make an appointment at a passport agency or center
Less than 4-6 weeks No reason is needed Expedited Expedite at a passport location or expedite a renewal by mail
More than 4-6 weeks No reason is needed Routine Apply at an passport location or renew by mail

Apply in person

You can call a passport agency or office to make an appointment to apply for a passport using the Online Passport Appointment System. Or if you rather call, you can contact their automated appointment system at 877-487-2778 or 888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY). You will need to fill out your form and collect all required documents, including your proof of international travel. For additional information, how to apply for a passport. You must use Form DS-11 when applying in person at a passport office. You will need to include the $60 expedite fee along with the additional costs when you apply. They recommend you contact the facility to see if an appointment is required.

Apply by mail

If you wish to expedite your application by mail then you must fill out Form DS-82 and then mail it in along with all of the required documents. You cannot apply in person using Form DS-82. To find out if you are eligible to do this via mail, renew your passport. Make sure to include the payment of $60 for the expedited service fee in addition to the normal fee. To view the full list of services and cost, passport fees. Make sure you clearly mark the word EXPEDITE on the outside of the envelope.

Overnight delivery service

If you need to get your passport delivered faster, then you can opt to pay for the overnight delivery service. This will not impact the time it will take them to process your passport application, it only affects the time it takes to mail it to you. You have 2 options when using this service.

Have passport delivered to them:
You can purchase the overnight delivery service at your post office or any other passport acceptance facility. This will allow for a faster shipping time of your application to their location. The price of this service varies, depending on the area of the country.

Have the passport returned to you:
For faster return shipping you would need to include the fee of $15.45 for the overnight delivery service along with your passport fee in your check or money order. You will need to make it payable to US Department of State.